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SPOILER!!: Two lovelies! <3
Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post
I am so glad Seektober introduced you to the beauty that is Pigfarts :lol I absolutely read that 'yum yum yum' in Draco's voice from the musical as well BEFORE even reading the header an outstanding choice to pull

...the Voldy smile slays me every time. Just...lmao. I cannot
I'm so happy too! Pigfarts really is something cute and I was just too lazy to get the research done before

Thank ya! I mean... YUM x3 is simply deserves some spotlight.

Originally Posted by ArianaBlack View Post
aaaaaaaah loving the color on the quidditch hoops one, but LADSF;ASLKDFASDF THE WAY I CACKLED WHEN I SAW THE VOLDEMORT SMILE. it makes me so happy. i cannot explain. when i cackle, i keep this image in mind. ugh. love this one forever, thank you for giving it its moment in the spotlight
You have the knack for making me happy when I ready your comments/ posts. I love it that you cackled hehe YAY for the little moments that make you happy!

You're welcome

Day Twenty: Bodyguard

Day Twenty One: Velvet

'Bodyguard' makes me automatically think of Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle who are usually flanking Draco. Not the best bodyguards they are but they tried. And so, feast your eyes on a few icons dedicated to this inseparable trio!

When I read the prompt 'velvet', I immediately thought of a smiling, calm, cool Draco. I tried to choose images that represented these
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