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Originally Posted by Chelliephone View Post
One of five?? That was certainly a lot, though he supposed in reality five was not that different from three. "That sounds like you guys are quite spread out in age as well then. Well, at least in terms of the younger two. When do they start at school?" His family was all done, to his knowledge even the cousins had all graduated and moved on. Though really, there were so many he tried to not know much on it was possible there were Russell's still running around there. "Mine?" Then came the awkward pause of trying to decide how much to divulge. "I'm the middle of three. My younger sister and I are pretty close. She graduated from Slytherin not long after we did."

From what he could remember her, the fact she quickly cleared that she didn't mean things in a bad way seemed very much on par with the sweet Chloe McCarthy he'd noticed before. It was certainly nostalgic feeling from back at school, and also nice to see that while they all grew and changed at least the positive personality traits seemed to remain in place. "That seems entirely understandable. And you do deserve a break. Just because you have recognition now doesn't mean you shouldn't still be entitled to privacy, which it seems can be a hard balance to find. I'm lucky that I only take small ads for modeling, and primarily for Chinese clothing companies. It gives me an excuse to visit and explore somewhere of interest to me." And truthfully, that was where he was hoping he would be recognized. "A starter! Congratulations, that's so exciting!! I'll have to try to catch one of your games!" Not that he knew much about Quidditch, but it was still very exciting to support a former peer.

"The Herbal Medicine Makers Handbook. I haven't tried the book store yet. I was hoping to give myself some time and try to find a gift for my little sister too for Christmas," never too early, "but I haven't figured out where to look for that yet." Maybe a herbology book for her as well? Or maybe he should try the junk shop and get her some cool looking upcycle items. Or maybe a book on upcycling AND some cool items?
"Yeah, I'm not sure if my parents one day decided oh, the older ones are getting to the point they don't need us lets have more or what." She laughed jokingly, but it had come as a shock at the time and she knew she had not taken the news well of having another girl after living her life as the only girl for so long. "Three isn't too bad of a number really, I was the middle of three for a long time. I didn't mind it really. Gunnar got a lot of attention being the oldest, so they were strict, Morgan is a handful, so I slid under the radar at times which was fun. " She never minded.

"You model? That is awesome, I could see you being great at that." He was handsome and she could see his smile doing great in ads. "[/b] She definitely enjoyed finding out what others did after school and loved to get to celebrate their amazingness with them. When he said about catching a game she couldn't help but really smile more. "I.. I could get you tickets if you ever wanted. You could bring a friend or girlfriend too if you want. Just let me know if you are ever interested."

"Are you wanting to get into medicine or herbology?" She smiled curiously, "I love learning about both really, I think if I hadn't went to quidditch I would have went into medicine or counseling. My dad works for the German ministry in the Herbology department so I grew up around plants." She was talking too much and got a bit pink in the cheeks knowing she should stop. "Oh I love Christmas shopping, it is one of my favorite things to do." Buying things for others was always so fun.
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