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SPOILER!!: bloop
Originally Posted by Suziella View Post
Excuse. Me. That radish is RADIANT! The coloring is amazing! and I love the pun! It's perfect!

That manip is so good! I really love the coloring and the fact that you made the ties blue and bronze because tbh that always bothers me too.

YOU have so much TALENT! I CaN'T EveN!
whenever I see the word radish that ridiculous joke always springs to mind and of course I kept seeing it when other people did the prompt so I had to do it in the end

thank you!

Originally Posted by TakemetotheBurrow View Post
Just over here being jealous of your talent, no biggy

Those spectrespecs are amazing and I could never?

Also your gryffindor siggies? Beautiful. I'm partial to the Abra one for obvious reasons (love me a Botros baby)

looool also your rad-ish joke had me giggling.

but thank u for your kind words as always :3 ugh, baby abey (also as I'm typing this that's the signature that rotated in on my previewed post, the stars aligned)

I always bring the terrible jokes \o/

Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
Bahahaha your rad-ish art definitely is rad and funny Your manips are first class! *chef's kiss*
idk maybe just rad-ish *buddum-tss*

heheh, but no, thank you so much :3

day thirteen:

__________brandon marchbanks
__________draco malfoy #1
SPOILER!!: day 13 - ferret

A6 paper, mechanical pencil (0.3)
this one came out nice but not really how I'd hoped and I'm less fond of seeing it on a screen
but I will stop there with the criticisms
I think I'd have liked it better if I'd either stopped drawing earlier or kept going for longer
but also I wish I'd been brave enough to do it in pen

anyway, here's wonderwall a cat slinky

brandon gets this one cause it's his patronus, if/when he casts one

i wanna stand up, i wanna let go _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ ____.

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