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SPOILER!!: Violet
Originally Posted by MadAlice View Post
Violet suppressed a snort when Ashley mentioned the plant reading books, because she knew now that Ashley was sensitive about people maybe making fun of her. But Violet didn't see how a plant could read without eyes, even if it wanted to. But she did pay attention to Ashley's suggestion to ramp up the light and did so, just a little.

Flower perfume? What was she talking about? ... Oh, yes, that was what they were ultimately doing in this class, wasn't it? Violet never used perfume herself, not even that bottle of violet oil she'd gotten for Yule one year, her 'signature scent,' as the distant cousin who gave it to her had called it. Whatever that was. Mostly, perfume seemed to attract insects, especially the biting kind, which was very awkward if you were hiding in the bushes trying to hear what one of your uncles was saying about you to the other. Still, perfume was a sort of potion, she supposed, so maybe she could find a use for it--maybe give it to someone else for a gift.

Ash was mostly joking about the flowers loving to read, and she wouldn't have cared if Violet laughed. Unless Violet was laughing at her, in which case she would have cared very much and maybe cried a little bit and maybe swore never to be her friend ever again maybe. But that wouldn't happen, because Violet was very smart and reasonable and would probably never ever laugh at her.

By the way, she was delighted that Violet had listened to her suggestion, and ever more delighted that it was working. She smiled to herself. This class wasn't too bad, even if it was cold and dark and involved scented flowers.
No class with Violet in it could possibly be bad. Okay, that was an overstatement... Ash had been to plenty of classes with Violet in them that had gone terribly, horribly wrong. But that wasn't Violet's fault, so.

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