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Don't wander too far. As useless an instruction as that was, this time Milo didn't mind it at all, because it was useless. It meant that it was up to him to decide how far was too far - otherwise it would have been specified - and today that meant no limits at all. It was unlikely Papo Jake would see eye to eye with him on the matter, but Milo didn't mind that either.

His not-too-far wanderings had today brought him to the junk shop in Diagon Alley, but Milo hadn't yet gone inside. Rarely did. Instead, he was stood out the front on the cobbled street by the 'free stuff' box, always a veritable treasure trove, picking through the items on offer. He'd abandoned his shoes somewhere back where he'd started, being that nobody was watching to tell him to put them back on, and so his lurid socks (one purple, one green, of course) were boldly on display, and he alternated between lifting up onto his tiptoes - not that he needed any extra height, being well on the tall side for his age - and back down flat on his feet, as he went about his rummaging.

Setting eyes on a sheaf of scribbled-on parchment, Milo grabbed it up at once, and held it up to the sun as though checking for a forgery or secret message.

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