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Braylon Mikael Sawyer was traversing Diagon Alley on one very distinct mission. Actually, no, that was a lie. TWO missions. Firstly, now that he was setting up as the Leaky Cauldron Proprietor, he wanted to go around and meet all of his new neighbors. Because Diagon Alley should be like a friendly neighborhood watch - stick up for each other and look out for each's others stores! And this was totally coming from a place of good business and entirely not loneliness.


The second mission, was he needed to start searching for a gift for his eldest daughter soon to be MARRIED. It was a wild thought, how was one of his babies already old enough? Ignoring the fact there was at least 4 of them already old enough, it was still wild it was happening. He had to find the perfect gift for the first, but the problem was he didn't know what that gift would BE. So this he could also use as a conversation starter with his new hopefully friends.

Pushing into the store, he glanced around to make sure he wouldn't be bothering any customers before calling a loud and friendly, "Hellooooooo." and starting to scan the shelves.

Would couples remembralls make a good gift?

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