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Trips to Diagon Alley were rare for Ax; he could count on maybe both hands how many times he had visited the street. No point, his father always said. Not when they could get better things in other, better places, or by owl order. From different other, better places.

But sometimes it did happen. Sometimes his mother had to run errands here anyway, and some of those times she brought Ax along. Today was one of those times, but given that he didn't want to be dragged around the shops like a little kid, he'd taken his newly bought quaffle and gone back out into the street.

With his brand new, expensive duffel coat dumped on the nearby park bench, Ax had taken to kicking the quaffle around the street as though it was one of those muggle footballs - which he wasn't allowed to have. His previously neatly-combed, floppy hair had been tousled to within an inch of its life, but there wasn't much he could do about the smart clothes. Ax easily made up for the prim-and-proper-ness by repeatedly booting the quaffle at a nearby shop window, as hard as he possibly could. Its post-bounce trajectory was not something he gave much consideration.

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