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Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
Seeing as to how she did not respond to his question, Col assumed that she didn't mind either way. This helped keep more options open should she not choose to go with the owl she was currently befriending. "Looks as if things are going well here, would you like to meet some of the other owls or spend some more time with him?" Whatever Pippa decided was more than fine with him. It was her decision after all.
Ah, now that was a good question. Pippa was having a great time getting to know this owl, but then again, she hated to miss out on meeting the other owls Colwyn might have in mind. "I think we're getting along very well, but perhaps I could just do a quick meet-and-greet on the others you'd recommend?" Besides, Pippa just couldn't resist meeting new creatures!
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