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There wasn't a doubt in his mind either that he and Qetsiyah would be a forever thing, but given how young he still was and didn't know for sure he was on the right direction; he felt no rush to turn their relationship to the next stop up. He'd given her a promise ring the year prior so she'd know he was thinking about forever, and that seemed good enough for them for now.

"Food is an important consideration!" He grinned at her, a soft chuckle escaping. "We really wouldn't. Even if it's easy to find other places for us," because they could apparate to wherever for food, "There's nothing like being able to just step outside and walk to somewhere for dinner." And then they could grab a drink too, once he was also of the legal age in Spain. Which was only a few days away.

Anything he'd been wanting specifically, huh? He squeezed her hand back as he considered this question. "Laundry options would be good." Dishwasher wasn't so bad when he could use magic for that -- laundry just seemed easier to do the muggle way. "A balcony with a view might be nice too if there's something within our price point to study out on. Or maybe grow some ingredients for potions or something." Though for the right place he would bypass these wants. "What about for you?"

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