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For the most part, Evan was still pretty hesitant and nervous showing people his sketches. Especially the first few, so he refrained from looking at faces whenever possible. So the smile was not noted by the Ravenclaw.

He did look up though when Jude mentioned the improvement, a small smile as he nodded his head in agreement. "Yeah. I wouldn't say I'm anywhere being the next Degas or anything but... it's better than it was. And it was something fun to do." Took up more of his time while he'd been spending it in his room. "Yeah. I've read a couple books that explained pretty well how to alternate using the different sides of your brain when sketching but... that's the most I've had for a teacher." Though he certainly had plenty of resources to ask for assistance on anything really difficult, like Ash or Claudine. "That would be cool - even just as a side gig. But I think I'm more interested in Psychology than anything. Though... I suppose art therapy is an option." One he had not considered previously but... that could certainly be fun. In reality, he leaned towards wanting to complete studies on the success rates of different types of therapies.

He could then combine art, dance, music, studying and animals all into one career. And he'd certainly have a leg up with starting out between his Eomma and her colleague. "I got those CDs from my Appa, by the way."

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