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Originally Posted by BanaBatGirl View Post
I'm actually mad about how nice those spectrespecs are. They're perfect. Flawless. Beautiful. I thought I could stay away from commenting here but I couldn't. I was too impressed. They're fantastic.

Also a big fan of the slug club and hobbit hole ones.
honestly I'm mad about them too but for different reasons. but but but thank you ;; I'm glad you like

Originally Posted by ArianaBlack View Post
first of all, iím not surprised you would wear it too. secondly i am not surprised that horace is a libra and. thirdly how very dare you!!!!! these spectrespecs!!!! IíM- ugh. theyíre so beautiful felix. i canít believe (read: i can very much believe) how hard youíre being on yourself because these are literally so beautiful. I donít understand how you do it. my brain cannot comprehend. the intricate lines and the incredible amount of detail. itís so crisp and three demential and the sHADING. maybe you never want to look at it again, but i want to look at it forever so. maybe we even it out.

i didnít know what to expect when i opened the gryffindor spoiler but man oh man i was not disappointed. LOOK AT THEM IN ALL THEIR GLORY. Itís hard to choose favorites but iím going to anyway because iíM NOT A LIBRA! The Abra sig makes me feel some big type of way, and I love how clean it is and the font you used for his name and the color of the text next to the shirt heís wearing *__* ugh. why is he grown though. i dont appreciate the grown part. I am also obsesssssed with the typography (?) (font choice?) (words spacing?) of the Art one. I love how the colors work together on it. Also i love the fonts for this first spencer one with the overlapping oís and tHE LEO ONE IS SO CRISP AND COLORFUL AND actually. iím kind of mad at you because i said i would chose favorites and now i have 6 favorites.


a) not surprised that you hurt your own feelings with day 10. but. also. you hurt my feelings too and iím really upset with you. bring nem back we miss nem.

ugh. i'm so mad at you right now dont even look @ me
okay listen, now I'm past the horror of drawing those opera glasses (I started drawing them for day three and it was just... I don't understand how that shape eluded me so much) my feelings towards them have mellowed a little. but I do keep seeing the mistakes, and I won't forget the bad times we had, so we are never ever ever getting back together.

uh-huh, mhm, okay, not-a-libra. but aLsO I was a little torn on the font colour for the abra one cause I did have like an off-white which looked clean and nice and it worked stuff but it just didn't feel ~right~ and I did just really like the pink in the end. also thank u for bringing your gryffindor energy to this one and also for your many (many) KiNd WoRdS.

ugghHGgGhHhhh I'm sorry, kind of. maybe. probably not. if my feelings have to hurt then I'm taking u down with me. ok ok i'm tryinG.

consider me looking @ u

Originally Posted by Suziella View Post
first of all...those opera glasses are amazing and I love your thought process on how they are indeed spectraspecs! Love Phantom! Got to see it on Broadway when I was in high school and it was amazing and I have been obsessed ever since.

Those graphics are lovely and you should show off your gryff's

That Phantom mask is awesome! You are just amazing my love
I actually only saw phantom for the first time last year when they put a bunch of theatre shows on youtube for the shows must go on and I, too, have been obsessed since. all I'd known about it before then was the main song.

thank you so much! ;;

Originally Posted by hermygirl View Post
The curves in the cross-hatching for the shading of those opera glasses, Felix. So good. I love the play on words too.

The signatures are so pretty. I'm a big fan of the colouring, but most of all the font choices...especially that first Spencer one. It looks so balanced.

...and that mask. So iconic. I know it's deceptive in its simplicity, needing enough shading but not too much. The arch of the brow bone is lovely in its use of negative space. And weirdly, for all the shows I've seen in the West End, the Phantom isn't one of them.
aaa thank you! I think that's probably what I like best about it, like the part I think came out the way I'd hoped. as for the signatures, I think adding text is the make-or-break part for me, I still haven't figured out the logic behind what works where and why, so it's a lot of trial and error. so I'm really glad you think it's working here

I was so nervous with shading the mask, like... I knew it needed to be very light but then it's a lot easier to mess up and harder to fix, whereas my other stuff, there's a lot going on and it makes it a little easier to subtly correct a mistake. tried to keep it looser in the shading again for that reason, and to avoid overworking it.

I've not seen Phantom live either, though I'd really love to. right now I play the soundtrack a lot when I draw

Originally Posted by Cassirin View Post
There is something really broken in you when you can't recognize how AMAZING your art is. Those spectrespecs are immaculate. Dummy.

Why do I call you names when I"m impressed by you? I DO NOT KNOW.

The siggies are beautifully colored as always, and you seem to have a real Phantom thing going on right now. The spec and the mask and hurting your own feelings and all.
LISTEN. listen. stop being nice to me, it's v disrespectful. you can call me names instead

but but. but but but. ugh. thank you, I'm really glad you think it's good oKAy??? I do like the spectrespecs one better nOW and I can see things I like about it and that turned out good but it has nevertheless been tainted by the trials and tribulations we went through together and also for the mistakes I still see in it

and yes. I absolutely do. Phantom wakes up my problematic slytherins, including me, and it's exhausting. but ern ;; you see why it hurts??? masks and acceptance and hiding and isolation and being all messed up and there go my feelings again

Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
'Acceptance' is just my fave, okay? Loving it. Feeling it.

Your graphics of the Lions are so beautiful. Like... why are you so full of talent?
thank you so much *-* I like it too, it's a simple one but gives me the Emotionsô

u are too kind. I'm so glad you like (also all but one of those Gryffindors just said something along the lines of 'of course it's beautiful, it's me' -___-)

day eleven:

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