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Default Challenges 1 - 4
1/2 of Roston ~ Rhibear ~ Madam Solo ~ Accio Jedi ~ Gryffinclaw ~ Just a doll

Challenge 1: Friends

And now whatever way our stories end
I know you have re-written mine
By being my friend

- For Good, Wicked

Materials used: plastic cord in green, brown, & 2 shades of pink; gold flower earring; black button; metal keyrings

Inspiration: I got the idea for these lanyards while talking to a friend I made in another fandom. Something she said made me think, She reminds me of Glinda! That got me thinking about how, like Glinda and Elphaba in the show, we’re two friends who are incredibly different. She, like Glinda, is the bubbly, funny one, while I, like Elphaba, am more reserved and serious. I associate pink with Glinda, so I used two shades of that color for the Glinda lanyard. The gold flower charm was made from a broken earring. For the Elphaba lanyard, I used green and brown (the closest color I had to black) and a random black button that I thought fit well with Elphaba’s green and black color scheme.

SPOILER!!: Glinda & Elphaba keychains

Challenge 2: Purple

I wake in the loneliness of sunrise
When the deep purple heaven turns blue
And start to pray
As I pray each day
That I’ll hear some word from you

- Loneliness of Evening, Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella

Materials used: clear plastic cord; purple pearls; blue glass beads; gold crown charm; gold castle charm; gold slipper charm; gold “believe” charm

Inspiration: This was kind of an accidental project. I needed things I could make without buying a lot of materials, and I found some purple pearls and fairytale-themed charms in my jewelry box. Those things reminded me of this song from Cinderella, so I turned them into a Cinderella-inspired bracelet.

SPOILER!!: Cinderella bracelet

Challenge 3: Hare & Challenge 4: Horse

Deep in the darkest night
When there’s no spark of hope
We must be points of light
Piercing the darkness

- Deep in the Darkest Night, Dracula: the musical

Materials used: silver glitter foam; white and silver ribbon; stone rabbit charm; silver horse charm; glue; needle; white thread

Inspiration: (two items that go together) This was another project born out of the resources I had on hand. I had the horse and rabbit (I know, technically not a hare, but it’s the closest I could get without buying anything) charms on hand and thought of doing something inspired by Ginny and Luna’s patronuses. I was originally going to do bracelets, but I didn’t have enough beads in the right colors. I found the glitter foam and ribbon and thought to do bookmarks instead. Since a patronus is essentially a “point of light piercing the darkness”, I thought this project fit with this song from Dracula.

SPOILER!!: Hare bookmark

SPOILER!!: Horse bookmark

SPOILER!!: BONUS PIC: Patronus bookmarks

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