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SPOILER!!: bloop
Originally Posted by ArianaBlack View Post
well ur pain and nightmare turned into a very nice moon for us so thank u for making that sacrifice :) also ariana will have horace except horace is gonna outshine all the other slugs in the SCU so actually maybe ariana will not have horace. maybe horace should decide.

THE SWEATER OF SAURON. we love to see it. some of my favorite things about this one include the way you got it to be all shruggy with the folds and the dips and the (ok it is at this point where i realized i know no other words to describe what i am seeing but i hope you understand what iím trying to say anyway thank you for your time). how jarring these two colors are next to each other but particularly this shade of purple and this shade of green that you chose. how WEARABLE it looks!!! anyway. iíd like ten of them. i would wear.

;__________; baby jake
the original upstead problem. iím obsessed. anyway. i like yellow and i very much love this. i can never wrap my head around how one does manips, so this is an enigma to me in the best way possible. itís so HD FELIX. and you did the around the hair bit so well. this is literally better than the official hp promo photos.
horace is a libra, he can't make decisions

I understood, I get u, I have the same issue, and they were a PAIN to draw and I look at the reference image and sort of wither every time because there's a lot of erasing and redrawing involved, but it's so satisfying when it starts to come together. also how am I not surprised you would wear this. honestly I would too but not the point.

how am i also not surprised you love yellow, other than because i already knew this. ALSO LISTEN. his old FC is from the days of yore practically and almost every photo was such terrible quality and so difficult to combine with the v HD robes, and I'm not very good at like... adjusting quality and lighting so that things match, and just have to pick photos that work together if possible. so I lucked out with that one. anyway pSH THANKS. EGG.

Originally Posted by Chelliephone View Post
Ugh, Felix!!!!! Your artwork is just so beautiful, I can't even!!

I love the style of the moon. Making the negative space the picture and filling out the rest of the page is just ... *chefs kiss* It's beautiful.

I love every single thing about the hobbit hole!!! It just makes me want to pack my bags and move right into Bag End. You can feel the charm and warmth from your sketch! I can picture that long table and warm fire within. It's just beautiful!

Look at the detail on your bat! I'm tickled you also did like a double whammy for this prompt by doing the play on words for slugger and still adding the actual slug, who is such a cute little addition.

The colors you chose for non-comforist too. such a good color combo imo. It's so BRIGHT and they're two colors I associate with the spooky season. I'd like to order 10 of these sweaters, please.

So I remember getting to stalk Jake some and I really like the way this manip came out!! It's also such a fun blast from the past! Hufflepuff is always hard because of the bright YELLOW but I think you did wonderfully here!
omg such spirited kind words thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoyed these! and I'll put u down for ten of the sweaters and I'll have my people call your people when they're ready for collection

but yes the yellow. it hurt my eyes to look at both because bright and because do not like, and getting the gryffindor robes to a hufflepuff-worthy shade was a real pain for some reason, cause they kept tipping over into lime green. and I've NEVER managed to get the black cloth right. anyway anYWAY aNyWaY thank you!

Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
You honestly leave me speechless {the good kind} when it comes to your art work. Mismatching jumpers are something I did not know I needed in my life
gfdjsghs thank you so much. and ikr??? I kind of... need one

Originally Posted by Cassirin View Post
That sweater is beautiful. I think drawing cloth is SO hard, especially around a body so it has form but also... drape? Or whatever I mean, you get it. The colors are bRIGHT BRIGHT, but I think they add to the drawing.

I like the manip too, even if you're being HARD ON YOURSELF over it. I can't do the ones where you put a head on the body because the lighting and THE NECK never look right, so this is extra impressive.
it really is, I veered away from it for years. still can't do it if I'm drawing my own figures without an exact reference cause I cannot work out how it's supposed to lie and fold etc. YES BRIGHT. it's the vibe.

LiSteN it's not one of my better ones and it's the neck I twitch at here too but but but IF YOU SAY SO I guess I'll trust u. thank u. head-on-body manips are the only kinds I feel very confident with, I really struggle at just putting two people together even though that sounds like it should be easier??? (I think?? I don't know what I'm talking about it's very late)

Originally Posted by Suziella View Post
*gets caught up and can't believe the beauty and talent*

That Hobbit-hole... omg so good! They are all beautiful and so well done. But that Hobbit-hole I love the slug club as well. Perfect! That manip/graphic! AHH! YOU ARE SO TALENTED!
thank you so muuuch you are far too nice heheh. I'm so glad you found so much joy in these

Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post
Mitsuki is SO relieved you did not go with the mismatched socks because it would make her eye twitch something terribly. She can deal with this kind of sweater, even appreciate it #newbestfriends

I am once again obsessed with your line art with this one and especially with how you used the lines on it (like the thicker design lines on the sweater itself) to give a sense of depth and perspective. How you get these lines to be so straight, consistent, and balanced I will never know

And that is SUCH a good quidditch manip congratulations on your layer masks really great work cannot wait to see more of these sprinkled throughout your thread!
just let her know he's always wearing odd socks even when they're not on show (but they're usually on show). I'm sure milo has plenty more tricks up his sleeve to set off the twitching. stay tuned.

omg pls. honestly just a long long long time on the pencil sketch, and also on the pen, but I spend so long trying to get the lines right in pencil, it's a little ridiculous. especially when I go in and ruin it with the first pen stroke anyway.

THANK YOU! also. you continue to be the worst for hiding layer masks from me for so long. the nerve.

day eight:

__________noah fence
__________luna lovegood #3
SPOILER!!: day 8 - spectrespecs

A6 paper, mechanical pencil (0.3), black fineliner (0.3, 0.1, and 0.03)

I realise this probably does not look as bad as I think it does but it has
given me grief for DAYS and I never want to look at it again. the shapes
were infuriatingly difficult to draw, those circles vexed me, the sketchbook
nearly ended up being launched out of the window multiple times. I restarted
it about four times. immediately messed up while inking it and the shading
went to pieces and I had no idea what I was doing and anyway. so much of it
went wrong. but I stubbornly stuck with it. for the sake of the gag.

*clears throat*

noah fence is obsessed with phantom of the opera

at the opera, or at the theatre, you can get opera glasses

and if you see the phantom, or watch the phantom of the opera

through opera glasses

in a way that makes them



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