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Originally Posted by iBeJenn View Post
She let out a quiet breath of relief when Apollo didn't laugh or anything of that sort to her response about s'mores. Good, they had a plan for post studying then. Maya was oblivious to him looking at her and smiled to herself for not acting completely dumb. "Professor Holden?" she asked, even though she knew who the professor was. She looked up from her textbook and tilted her head slightly. "I suppose he does look a bit on the younger side, but wouldn't that be a good thing?" Maya asked.

"He wouldn't get a job offer here if he weren't qualified, right?" Or maybe Hogwarts was being cheap and just hiring whoever would accept the lowest salary? That was a question for the headmaster. Maya had heard whispers about how some of the students thought he was attractive. "He seems to know what he's talking about... why?" She was curious as to what Apollo was getting at with this conversation. Was there something wrong with the professor? Was he hiding a deep, dark secret? Maya wanted to know all the details but didn't want to appear overeager when it came to such gossip.
Honestly he probably did really even notice he thoughts about the s'mores because it was just a post-studying thing between friends, right? Although he was still contemplating about Professor Holden and Maya's thoughts about him teaching and tried to figure out if it was a good thing or not. Younger professors would mean harder to command respect, right? Maybe? He'd already seen several of his peers and how rotten they could be on a normal day, so with someone they could take advantage of... he was sure a younger professor was prime target, weren't they?

"I mean i guess so... it's just. Well, I'm pretty sure he's my mom's age and it's just weird to think of my mom teaching here, even though i guess technically she could." Yea, that was all. Like, Professor Holden could be his dad. Technically. Although most of the professors could be his parent, which was weird, but maybe in a way, they kind of were his parent away from home?
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