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Originally Posted by MadAlice View Post
Pippa actually had all her pockets stuffed with treats for various kinds of creatures, including owls. But maybe this one was used to the kind Colwyn gave him, so she accepted the treat her fellow shopkeeper gave her and approached the owl, slowly and gently. Hmm...was this a male or female? She'd forgotten to ask, but the owl was already watching her curiously, so she'd save that till later. "Hello, dearie," Pippa said to the owl softly, and slowly extended her hand with the owl tread in the center of her palm. "Feel like a nibble?"How the owl would respond to her advances would tell her a lot about whether they would get along.
Colwyn couldn't help but smile as the owl inched closer to checkout the treat before taking it from her, nibbling at it and then looking around for another. "Looks like he's responding well to you. Oh, sorry.. did I mention that this one is a male? I don't know if you have a preference or not?" Most of his customers didn't but at times they did. Whether they were looking for a potential mate for an owl or already had an owl that didn't like other owls of the same gender. Something told him that Pippa wouldn't mind either way though.

Originally Posted by 2111jen View Post
Austin followed him to the cages. “I’d say the size two. If thats what you’d recommend”. To be honest, he’d let her out if she wanted so the cage would mainly be a place to sleep for her and eat.
Colwyn nodded. "A size two is perfect for her if you plan on allowing her out of the cage to fly around freely whenever possible." Owls made for wonderful companions but they also needed to be treated with respect and deserved to spread their wings as nature intended them to. "Really it is your choice." Pulling his wand from the holster on his wrist he have it a wave and magically sent the chosen cage to wait at the counter for them. "Shall we go select some food?"
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