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SPOILER!!: bloop
Originally Posted by hermygirl View Post
I could have sworn I'd already stopped by to gush about ALL the gorgeousness in here...but apparently you left me too awestruck to do so. Definitely my bad, because I really enjoy all your work and thought processes.

I totally get what you mean with the balance of looseness versus detail in the hobbit hole, as it's something I've dealt with in my biro work (my glen piece from last year comes to mind in particular). I appreciate the looseness and movement with which you captured the foliage in contrast with the more structured detail around the door though; it welcomes my eye up the path and I want to go knock on the door.

Meanwhile the moon is a beautiful example in the use of negative space...and the ickle slug is just too cute a detail on the baseball bat (although I maintain rounders is still better). And WOW, the movement and shading in that jumper. Those folds...I just can't. It's stunning. *deaded*
you are far too kind omg ;;

looseness vs detail was way more of a struggle than I anticipated. I definitely get very caught up with the details, even when doing base sketches before I know it I've ended up focusing on the more intricate sections, only to realise it's all in the wrong place cause I never finished figuring out how the entire thing will sit on the page/if the general proportions are right lmhksdj. with the hobbit-hole I kept honing in on details in a similar way once I had the pen in hand but I'm glad it kinda worked out

also also also thank youuuuuu, that really means a lot *-* I'm a little more proud of the jumper one now that I haven't been staring at it for so long. also I'm right there with you on the rounders thing

day seven:

__________jake upstead
__________ginny weasley #3
SPOILER!!: day 7 - quidditch

Adobe Photoshop 2021

okay so I cannot decide if I like this or not. it's just so... yellow. I do not like yellow.
and I get very impatient with these things and kept pushing ahead to the next part. so it's a bit rough around the edges, the lighting is weird, I keep seeing mistakes, and I totally spaced on putting a shadow in behind him. also turning bright cloth into black cloth has always eluded me so it's grey now instead ok thank u. I didn't make the background either of course, but yk. full disclaimer.

there were a few directions I could have gone for quidditch but it had to be jake

my firstborn first ever RP character. the individual with a direct or indirect hand in so much chaos. now a father and grandfather of many menaces and the department head of magical law enforcement in the ministry of magic. the original upstead problem child.

he played for the hufflepuff quidditch team as a seeker. this would be him about age 13. just ignore the fact that that his hair was actually bright pink that year and he was in the midst of total chaos at school. he's smiling, see. look. happy. don't even worry about it.

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