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Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
"Him, yes. Don't be surprised if he comes to you when you try. I also have treats if you would like to offer those to him first." Kind of like a small piece offering, a 'I'm not going to harm you' thing. Pulling a small treat from the pouch around his waist he offered it to her.
Pippa actually had all her pockets stuffed with treats for various kinds of creatures, including owls. But maybe this one was used to the kind Colwyn gave him, so she accepted the treat her fellow shopkeeper gave her and approached the owl, slowly and gently. Hmm...was this a male or female? She'd forgotten to ask, but the owl was already watching her curiously, so she'd save that till later. "Hello, dearie," Pippa said to the owl softly, and slowly extended her hand with the owl tread in the center of her palm. "Feel like a nibble?"How the owl would respond to her advances would tell her a lot about whether they would get along.
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