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~ Mrs. Steve Harrington ~ It be like that sometimes.

Oh. Would you look at that? Carton hadn’t been that lost in thought that he hadn’t noticed her. “Hi, professor. Didn’t mean to disturb your thinking.” She gave him a smile then made a second attempt to head off to find a seat. Now settled in, Claudine raised a hand in reply to Lisa’s smile. Wow. That Ravenclaw was excited, wasn’t she?

As the lesson got started, she sat up, her interest rising at the question. Winter holiday traditions. There were quite a few she knew of {and she tried not to think of her own family right then}; Claudine even knew about a few Muggle ones. “There’s Bonfire Night,’’ the Snakette volunteered, lowering her hand after being called upon. “I’m not exactly sure of the entire history behind it but I recall this activity was somewhat violent. Over time that changed and it became more family oriented.’’
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