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SPOILER!!: bloop
Originally Posted by emjay View Post
Ooh I love the different values you were able to get in these notebooks. (Also, notebooks *__*) You have a really nice sense of 3D form here. And I like how they're all a little different. Really nicely done. Does Noah still do this?
thanks :3 after I inked the outline I had a sudden '... oh' moment of realising I didn't know how to make sure they all looked different so that was a whole thing, I'm glad it worked out

aaand no he does not. towards the end of his first year it stopped being about keeping a record of everything and was more a compulsion/comfort. during the Neo-Alliance takeover he thought they were looking for him so stopped entirely, to avoid bringing attention to himself. and now he struggles to write much of anything at all, so never started again.

Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post
nO pReSSuRe aT aLL

okay...okay but...okay BUT...that line art to make the curve in all those journals is just so OBVIOUSLY...big fan of this one two as Mavis AND Victor are a little emo over here. I tried so hard to draw a stack of journals with my Paige doodle over in my portfolio and failed miserably (hence the open book which came out better and came to my hand more easily) ... so I am affectionately jealous of your gift with perception and angles and just
I thought a couple of yours might have things to say. but also, stacks of books are deceptively difficult??? it's the long lines for me. I hate them. straight lines are horrible, especially when they need to be sort of parallel or symmetrical.

anyway pSh get outta town (no stay)

Originally Posted by ArianaBlack View Post
felix you have done it again!!!!!! ugh. the SHADING is what gets me the most every time, i think. so i am very glad it is the fun part for you because it is so pleasing to look at for me so it is a win-win. winners all around. aNyWaY. ugh i cannot get over how real life your art is (pretend i know the actual art jargon for this thank you). i could reach out and grab those notebooks they are so 3d and realistic (is this the word i was looking for??) and full of life. ugh big egg. i mean. uh. fan.
realistic is the word yes and THANK cause that's a style I really appreciate in art I look at (though they DON'T appreciate it in this one portrait competition I watch every year and it hurts but that's not for here) and also try to aim for. especially hyperrealism but I'm a long long long way off that one. one day maybe.


Originally Posted by TakemetotheBurrow View Post
HOW? I love these! And is that a little bookmark coming out of one of the notebooks? I'm pretty much obsessed with you, no biggy.
it is! we like to mix it up a little thank u, but also

Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
There are moments where I'm rendered speechless by the sheer beauty of artwork. This is one of those times :3
djsghsjd you are too kind. thank u so much

Originally Posted by kayquilz View Post
*vomits at how good this one is and how much I want to die from how talented u r*
first with the fainting and now with the vomiting, I am concerned. but also grateful

Originally Posted by Suziella View Post
Just beautiful. Even if you have to use a reference picture like you said, I still couldn't draw like that even with a reference picture. Just so much talent.
:333 thank you again. I'm really glad you like it

Originally Posted by Cassirin View Post
Listen. I like what you do and I like how you do it, but just right now, the thing that I appreciate the most from you is that you're explaining the wild trajectory that gets you from your prompt to the final picture you sketch. I just like your brain.
I would sell you my brain for half a groat. but also I'm just here to share the wealth and right now the wealth is jumping from point A to point J and detouring to point Z on the way. these journeys are even more ridiculous in real time but at least they're entertaining

Originally Posted by Chelliephone View Post
The time you spent on those spikes clearly show because they really are so well blended in!

And those BOOKS! I just want to sit down and browse through the pages of all of them to see what secrets they hold. The spines are all amazing and I love all the differing sizes you used.
so many secrets *-* thank you! the real challenge with that subject, as I quickly found out, was putting some kind of variety into it and even when the sizes were different I still wanted the spines and page edges to be varied too and I was happy to get something like that figured out \o/

I had a really ridiculous few days where everything was doing its best to go wrong and even when I tried to draw, every line was just another problem child. I took a break and also had a word with myself about reining it in. now I'm catching up but I have several pieces I started and abandoned and can finish so it's not too bad.


day three:

__________theo montes
__________luna lovegood #22
SPOILER!!: day 3 - moon

A6 paper, mechanical pencil (0.3), and black fineliners (0.3, 0.1, 0.03, and 0.05)

I'm not too wild about this one but I was really just playing around with ideas.
it didn't photograph well which was tres unhelpful.
I had intended to do the whole page in that background but it didn't take
long for me to regret trying so I reined it in for the sake of time. might go
back and do the rest at some point, and also even it up a bit. it's not meant
to be solid black, I wanted there to be gaps and have it made up of lines.
and to be honest it does look a lot nicer on the page. I think it'll look better
with a full background.

no real train of thought behind this one. theo montes is a big daydreamer.

he lives most of his life in his head and can vividly conjure up any daydream
he wants to experience. so this just kind of made sense at the time.

also he was in ombrelune when at beauxbatons as a first year. so. moon. yes.

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