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Naia smiled back at the shopkeeper, nodding her head at the knee length suggestion. "Perfect! And take your time." Really she was in no rush. It was also just an excuse for a girl's day for her and her little miss. Besides, there were so many fun and friendly people currently in the store who wouldn't enjoy a chance to visit? Besides, Cressida was also entirely enthralled with staring at the man in the shop too. Cress didn't see many males outside of her daddy, with Trigger being often busy, Lucas in school and well... neither her or Jig's dad were around. She made mental note to take her daughter to go see Naia's own grandfather more while they had the chance to.

"Bags are so loathsome. I always forget to pick mine back up." At least there was a diaper bag now. "And without pockets there really is no where convenient to hide a wand when you're wearing a dress." Long sleeves could be a little more doable, but short sleeve? Forget about it. There was a soft chuckle as the little girl went on her own little run Naia's way, and the squeals of happiness caught Cress's attention too as the little one turned to toddle after the older girl as well before she was scooped up by her godmother. Cress was very put out by this, pouting a little and plopping down on the floor while her mum also moved to scoop her up. "Are you looking for a dress for a special occasion as well? I need to find one for this little girl as well. Though we haven't decided on what our favorite color is yet." Which gave Nai room to push her own favorite on her. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Winnie. And you as well Radhika! What a cutie pie you are!"

Was it obvious just how much she adored little ones??

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