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Radhika smiled back at the man, tugged on her shirt and then turned to her Godmother and rambled off a string of incomprehensible baby nonsense, while pointing at the man. Then she laughed and toddled off towards the other lady. Maybe someone would play with her.

”Pockets are amazing.” She agreed, giving Naia a big smile. ”Sometimes, you just don’t want to carry a bag and where are you supposed to keep your wand?” Winnie gave Victoria a smile and then put the dress back on the rack not at all perturbed by the man’s comments. She’d helped. That was all that mattered to her. ”Oh no you don’t little missy…” She hurried over to snatch up Radhika who sped up laughing again as if this was a game. Winnie pretended to let her run for a moment then scooped her up. ”We need to decide on a dress for you and a scarf for me….” Radhika made a pffttt-ing sound and patted Winnie on the cheek, then flopped over to try and look at the man again. ”So silly…” But it occurred to her that perhaps Winnie didn’t want a dress. Too bad, she was getting one. She needed to have at least one in her closet or else she wasn’t doing her job as a Godmother. ”I’m Winnie,” she tried shifting Radhika around. She was more interested in watching Horatio upside down. ”And this silly dodo is Radhika.”

As Victoria suggested a purple dress and the man said the young lady’s name was Violet, she wondered if that was perhaps a bit too on-the-nose, but he seemed happy with the suggestion. ”Might I suggest a necklace to go with it as well? Perhaps a simple gold chain? Oh - or a belt. Me? I’m partial to scarves. So useful in so many ways.”
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