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SPOILER!!: greetings
Originally Posted by astrocat View Post
Ash always liked being outside at night. She liked to sneak out to the balcony and stay there forever. Watch the stars. So she was quite happy -well, happier than she had been recently- to come to class today. It was cold, but that was alright. She was used to it. “Hey Professor Flamsteed. It sure is a nice night.”
Originally Posted by Nordic Witch View Post
What was it with professors and night lessons? Bella shook her head in wonder as she made her way down from the castle towards the greenhouses guided by the moonlight. She was bundled up from head to toe, so at least she wouldn't get cold. Coming to a stop in front of the greenhouses near Ash she greeted their professor first "Good evening Professor Flamsteed. The full moon sure is nice and bright tonight." Turning to Ash she asked in a low whisper. "Hi Ash, do you think we'll see some flowers that blooms only at the full moon tonight?"
June was distracted, but she didn't miss when students started showing up. "It most definitely is, Miss Fox" June nodded, her eyes still very much up at the sky. It was maybe one of her favourite things - looking at the sky, that is. But alas -- she tore her eyes away from it to look at Miss Connolly. "Mhm. Perfect for our lesson tonight," the former gryffindor smiled at the young lady.

Originally Posted by Lady of Light View Post
Night lesson!!!

Valentina felt grumpy as she headed down to the greenhouses. It was literally freezing outside. Why did the professor think it was a good idea to have a class so late?? She was dressed to keep warm of course but still. This was such a bad idea. The worst!!

"Professor." She greeted with a little smile - not the usual bright and enthusiastic one - before heading inside.
The lack of enthusiam was noted, but it only amused June some.

"Feeling cold, Miss Nichols?" It was the most obvious thing but June couldn't help herself.

Originally Posted by iBeJenn View Post
Maya had been sure to pack her muggle hand warmers this term around. Sure, she had her gloves, her scarf, her hat and all but a little extra warmth was never a bad thing. Especially when the sun wasn't around to provide that. The third year yawned as she headed over to class. Morning classes were a breeze for her, but nights? They were a little trickier.

"Good evening Professor," Maya greeted, giving the professor a small smile before taking a spot near Ash and Bella.

The best way to stay awake during class was probably be near Ash... not that she didn't like the girl because Maya did. Just that if she could count on anyone to make class exciting and to ensure she didn't accidentally drift off that would be her best option.
Going back and forth on her heels, June watched as another student showed up. At least she was not as grumpy as the others - - June could do with some happy faces, "hello, Miss Nam. Lovely to have you here"

Originally Posted by Hey Ju View Post
You know what was BETTER than a HERBOLOGY lesson?



Scarlett was THERE for IT, also all wrapped up in some WAAAARM clothing. Nothing that would RESTRICT her movement, though, because nobody needed THAT. She liked moving a LOT. She happily greeted the professor with a loud quick "HI!" before looking around to try and spot what they would be working with that NIGHT.


Originally Posted by DuckyLinJi View Post
Wearing a Hufflepuff scarf, some mittens and wearing a winter robe, Daniel was ready for yet another herbology lesson. The timing of the lesson was a bit different than usual but at this point in time he wasn't too concerned about it other than this was usually the time he'd spend in the common room, reading by the fireplace.

He followed after Scarlett in to the greenhouse, greeting the professor with an overly polite "Hello Professor Flamsteed" because he wanted to show that THAT was how you greeted a professor instead of yelling hi to them.
Speaking of .... happy faces.

June positively beamed at the 'HI' Miss Mordaunt threw her way.

"Hello, hello, hello" Could this girl rub off some of her sunshine onto others????? So - she didn't mind it at all, not how Mr Yoon expected her to anyway, but his polite greeting was just as appreciated. "Evening, Mr Yoon"

Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
Oh, yes.

Claudine was quite bundled up against the cold for tonight's lesson. It wasn’t often that there was a Herbology lesson being held at night. This was enough to make the girl bursting with curiosity. She wrapped her hands around herself as she arrived at the Greenhouse. It had been a nice walk in the moonlight, honestly.

“Good evening, professor,’’ the Snakette greeted her Head of House. “Can’t wait to see what the lesson is all about.” With that, she headed off to a spot by herself after sending Ash, Bella and Maya a smile.
Ah, one of her own.

June smiled at the Slytherin, "It'll be a good one, if everyone survives the cold" She didn't mean the latter bit sarcastically -- but it most probably came out that way.

Originally Posted by Daydreamer11 View Post
It was ccccold and Jordyn had not skimped on the layers. She didn’t mind the walk to the greenhouses, but the cold, that she could have done without. The moon was bright, lighting her path. The entire way, Jordyn was wondering what they would be doing in Herbology class at night.

When she reached the greenhouse, Jordyn thankfully headed inside. “Hello Professor”, she said on the way in, while simultaneously beginning to take off her outer layers of clothing. She found an empty spot and began to prepare herself for the day’s lesson.
....June watched as Miss Guldry started making her way inside - forever amused at how unobservant these kids could be.

"We will be starting the lesson outside, Miss Guldry -- incase you want to join us" she said in a light tone. Because it was okay, it was cold - and kids were dumb.

Originally Posted by Watson View Post
It was a little bit chilly even with her Ravenclaw scarf on. Lisa had her arms wrapped around her torso as she entered the classroom, just seeing Scarlett and Daniel’s interactions with the Professor. She followed Daniel’s lead. “Hi Professor Flamsteed!” she smiles with her teeth chattering a little bit. She didn’t know why she was so cold because it wasn’t that cold yet. Maybe next lesson she ought to put thicker socks on and bring her mittens too? “A little chilly today.. How are you?

She made her way past the Professor and then stood next to Daniel. “Hi Batman,” she greeted, tempted to lean a little closer to her friend to stay warm but chose not too because she respected his personal space. If it continued to get colder, then she would move closer. Or she should go stand next to her older sister to stay warm? That was an option too.
June smiled at the girl, though feeling a bit sympathetic to see her teeth chattering like so. It was only a matter of time though.

"Evening, Miss Nam. I am well, how about you?"

Originally Posted by Deezerz View Post
It was a good thing Serena invested in a nap earlier in the day. Naps don't happen for the redhead often, but she figured it'd be smart to sleep for a little before a night class. That way she didn't look like some of her classmates and her head would be sharp and ready.

Serena fixed her gloves as she entered the greenhouse and sent the professor a mild smile. "Hello, Professor Flamsteed." She was cool. But only because of the subject she taught.

There was Claudine and Ashley, who got nice little waves from Serena. She stopped by Lisa and Daniel. Serena raised an eyebrow at Lisa's comment. "He doesn't resemble Batman," she said, studying Daniel from head to toe and back up. "Did his parents die when he was young?" Maybe that's where the resemblance rooted from? Because Batman is supposed to be tall and muscular and mysterious. All of which Daniel did not possess.
Distracted yet again by uninvited thoughts, she passed Miss Santos a smile as she showed up next. Were they almost done?

June wanted to start the class already. It was the only way to avoid .. this particular kind of distraction she was so often experiencing lately. She checked her watch but it seemed there was still five minutes to go. HMM.

Originally Posted by MadAlice View Post
Violet had mixed feelings about this herbology class. On the one hand, she really liked being outside at night--it felt freeing and a bit on the wild side. On the other hand--after seeing all those dead plants in the greenhouses the other day, she had a bad feeling that something funny was going on there and she didn't really want to be near it, especially at night. But--class was class, so here she was.

"Good evening, Professor Flamsteed," she commented as she arrived, making sure the professor knew she was here and on time. She nodded a greeting at Ashley and Claudine, who she saw standing in various spots. Claudine looked like she wanted to be by herself, off standing alone, and Ashley was with some other people, so Violet just found a spot for herself and waited for class to start.
She was definitely on time, and received a smile from June as she showed up. "Evening, Miss Blackthorne"

Originally Posted by pundantic View Post
Kale was bundled up in his most snuggly set of robes as he trekked out to the castle grounds for Herbology. He swallowed a hearty yawn as he approached the growing group of students.

Barely containing his yawn, he addressed Professor Flamstead, "Evening teach." Yaaaaawn. Whoops! Sorry, Professor. He would just, like, go stand over there now.
That yawn did not offend June, because actually -- she was expecting more yawns. Not just from one Kale Trent, but most of the class -- so it was okay. Merlin knew even the slightest of discomforts got to these kids today, and she had been sure a night lesson might cause a yawn riot.

So, the boy received a warm smile, "Evening, Mr Trent"

Originally Posted by ArianaBlack View Post
Kinsay hated night lessons as much as most people hated morning ones. She was good at mornings, even the REALLY early kind. But night? Um, even if they were having the most interesting lesson of all time in the history of ever, Kins would rather be sleeping. Honestly? The only thing keeping her awake at the moment happened to be her chattering teeth. She should've worn a warmer jumper maybe.

Hurrying up to join the group, Kins sidled in beside Kale. "Hi Prohhhh-" is just about all she managed before the rest of her words became entirely indecipherable. You know what they say about yawns... They're highly contagious. Feeling VERY embarrassed, she quietly apologized and sidestepped to stand near Kale again. Where she yawned once more.


How embarrassing.

Oh. There you go.

More yawns.

Chuckling softly, June nodded at the younger James - not understanding the words but the intention, "hello, Miss James"

Originally Posted by Chelliephone View Post
Layers was something Evan Nam never forgot. He liked getting all bundled up and cozy in layers of clothes. And tonight's Herbology lesson was certainly no different. Pulling his scarf a little tighter around his neck, he followed along after the rest of the class to the outside, giving a small nod and a "Hello Professor" at seeing Flamsteed right outside waiting for them. He stepped out of the way of his peers and adjusted his hand in his gloves, curious to see what the lesson plan was for tonight.
Layers was smart. So good for him.

"Evening, Mr Nam" She greeted the boy back before checking her watch again.

Two more minutes?

Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post
Another prototype in his pocket and a bar of soap in the other, Atlas made his way down to Herbology bundled up with two Gryffindor scarves tied together so he could have some extra warmth around his neck - one scarf just was not enough" Only problem then was that it made it a little harder to see and move his head, but the warmth was worth it

Coming to a stop beside an older Hufflepuff, he did his best not to give Auntie June Professor Flamsteed too much of a stink eye before greeting. "Professor." The Sahara had nothing on that greeting.

Atlas shoved his hands into his pockets and toyed with the key of his prototype. Toyed with...but was careful not to turn it entirely.
The stink eye.

Really, Atlas Flamsteed? Really?

Brow pulling up, she glanced behind him as he came to a stop, "Where is your brother, Mr Flamsteed?" Did the other twin fall asleep??? Or was he just boycotting the class like she had expected Atlas to?

Originally Posted by MadMadamMalfoy View Post
Heath wasn't fussed by the late hour. He was no stranger to staying up all night studying or stargazing. In fact, he rather liked the night for that reason. He gazed up at the moon as he made his way down the path to the greenhouses, oblivious to the cold… though that could also be from the many layers he wore. He was so distracted searching the sky for stars that he nearly forgot that this was herbology class, not astronomy!

Now that he thought about it, it was a rather odd time for a herbology class. Maybe they were covering nocturnal plants? Was that a thing? Never mind, he supposed he'd find out soon enough.* "Hello, Professor Flamsteed," he greeted, giving the Professor a slight smile and nod of acknowledgement upon arrival.

His dark eyes scanned the area in search of a place to stand. He spotted Claudine by herself and beelined in that direction. "Hi," he said, smiling.
Ah, one of her favourites.

And just in time too.

June smiled at the older boy before greeting him back, "hello, Mr Jones"

Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
Evening lessons didn't bother Dahlia in the slightest. In fact, all they served in doing is peeking her curiosities all the more. Like right now. Which is probably why the third year arrived at the greenhouses with a bounce in her step and a bright warm smile spread across her face. Or perhaps it was due more to the upcoming holiday season? Either way, she was in a wonderful mood and looking very much forward to whatever the lesson held in store for them all.

"Good evening, Professor," Lia greeted in her usual chipper tone as she joined the group that was quickly gathering around. Bright blue eyes glanced around for any signs of even the smallest hint towards the days lesson. She was sure the moon likely had something to do with it.
Less than a minute to go .... and one more showed up. Alright then. "Evening, Miss Donovan. Just in time. We are about to begin"

Once the last of them showed up, June moved to stand in the centre -- offering them all a smile, before stuffing her hands in her pockets. Because yes, it was cold, there was no doubt about it.

"Alright, thank you all for showing up, lets begin"

"I think the most obvious thing about tonight's lesson is the fact -- that it is nighttime. So, let me start with a simple question, what do you know about flowers which bloom at night?"

OOC: HELLOOOO. Thank you for being here, guys. First question is up, and I'll move the class along by tomorrow sometime <3

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