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Scene Two
Winter Session - Term 59
An Introduction to Music

True to his word, Evan had requested his Appa's Beatles collection shortly after the train ride back to school where he'd talked about it with Jude. He also had managed to get ahold of his Into the Universe soundtrack as well, having entrusted one of his cousins to snoop through his room in order to find it. Not that there was much to snoop through, but either way Evan preferred a cousin in there rather than his parents. For some reason, it had taken some time for all the music to arrive, but once it did Evan tapped Jude after class earlier that day to let him know they should meet in the Technology Room so he could hear the songs.

Which true to his suggestion, Evan was currently in the technology lounge waiting. He was early, as his usual, and also had a book pulled out in front of him. Usually his books were of a non-fiction nature, but this time around he was actually working on doodling in his sketchbook. He still wasn't good at it, but he felt like he could see tiny bits of improvement as he continued to practice. That was an encouraging start.

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