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SPOILER!!: Simon the Detective <3
Originally Posted by Watson View Post
Perhaps Yoon had been right suggesting that Professors had that sixth sense spider sense thingamajig superpower? Simon smiled gently as his eyes fell on the Snakette and he slowly approached her. “Miss Blaze…. Mind if I join you?” he asked before pulling up a chair at a desk near her. He wasn’t sitting next to her but he was close- close enough so he could give her space to chill.

He knew that perhaps finding her and offering to talk wouldnt get her to talk about what happened. However, Simon knew that if he were in her shoes, that he would have appreciated the gesture. Hopefully. There was that time he hugged his Head of House… oh dear Merlin. Why did he have to think about that now? Fortunately his one saving Grace that day had been West Odessa hugging the Healer as well and calling her Mum.

But this was different.

Placing his bag on the desk, he reached into and fished out a bar of chocolate. “Chocolate?

Claudine started. She hadn’t expected any company right now. Quickly, the photo was slid back into her book and the book snapped shut. Her gaze swung around to see professor Holden there. Immediately her brain flew off with the idea that she had done something wrong during the lesson. Or said something inappropriate. But she hadn’t… not that Claudine could recall anyway. But her head bobbed, indicating that Holden could sit. The fact that he seemed to be giving her space was appreciated.

“Professor,” the seventh year began almost warily. “Was I in some way out of line in class today?” Perhaps he had come to give her a stern warning. At least, this was what was expected and not the bar of chocolate that suddenly made an appearance. “Um, sure. Thank you.” Holden didn’t seem the type to poison his students. Right?
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