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Originally Posted by 2111jen View Post
Austin watched as the barking owl looked at him. She turned her head but started to eat the treat off of his hand.
He smiled. Well, that was a good sign. He let her finish the rest of the treat.
Ah, yes. It had taken the lovely young owl a minute or so before she looked towards Austin but seeing as to how comfortable she had seemed taking the treat from him, Col was more than happy with the result. "Not a bad start at all. You're welcome to spend as much time with her as you like or if you know she's the one for you we can get you everything that you'll need to bring her home with you today."

Originally Posted by MadAlice View Post
Pippa laughed excitedly. "Yes, do! I can't make up my mind in the least, because I already love all of them!" She thought a minute, and then added. "A nice study one, I think--I'll be sending up to Hogwarts and to my suppliers and...well, my circle of friends is rather widespread."
Colwyn laughed as well. "Now that's my problem as well working here. It's so difficult not to take them all home with me." As much as he loved the owls, it was not what he needed. "Don't worry, I won't be funny and suggest you take them all.." Maybe. No, seriously, he knew better than that. He took his shop and the owls very seriously.

"Mm, okay. A nice sturdy one that's a good flier. That helps, it means we want to focus on the medium and larger owls. No young owlets either." This was a very good start actually, it helped narrow the selection down a bit further. "Will you be bringing them to the shop with you?" Also very important to know, as the owl needed to be used to other creatures or trained to be around them.
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