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Honestly, the owl like stare from Horatio was charming and she just smiled in response to him. Naia did like to talk to people, but he would have been wrong that she minded being interrupted. The other woman was a new acquaintance, and she relished meeting all of those! Including the older wizard, just as much as the woman around her age with the darling little one in her company. When he apologized whilst thanking her, she shook her head and gave a small wave of her hand. "Happy to do so! And there's no apology necessary. I like to be helpful, so really you were making my day." She just hoped anything she'd said HAD actually been of use to the man.

She couldn't help but giggle when the other woman, Winnie, had echoed her thoughts on pockets. "One would think that with the demand for them in women's clothing we would have more options!" Madame Malkins did pretty well in this area, which was why it was Naia's preferred place to shop. Perhaps she could find something suitable for her ceremony with pockets as well? A place to store the probably needed handkerchiefs.

The uncertainty in the little girl's age also gave Nai cause for a small giggle, as she nodded her head in understanding. "Truthfully, I'm sure you're wonderful. I couldn't tell you my nephew's age either." Was he almost two now? Or had they already passed that? Life was going by in such a blur. "I'm Naia by the way. And this is Cressida." Introductions seemed in order at this point.

She also watched as the young girl approached the gentleman, Cressida's own little eyes focused as well. She was too timid to leave her mother's side, but she certainly was watching after the other little girl with interest. Clearly, little one did not get another playtime with anyone near to her age.

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