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Once Connolly's situation had been addressed, Kamran turned his attention to watching over the rest of the class for this final activity, circling around the boundary of the training area on his broom and allowing himself to enjoy the light show as he did. He kept an eye on a scrap of parchment which reflected the number of lights caught, and also of the time, not wanting to keep the students out any later than necessary, now that darkness was really starting to fall.

There was always something to be said for students who recovered from setbacks - either immediately or after taking a little time to collect themselves - and Blaze was one who never seemed to waste any time to get back on the broom, as it were. Even after the spinning situation, she was getting stuck in, pushing herself more and more, and Kamran noted several successful attempts in the process. Good.

Nam, Evan was indeed improving, there was no chance denying it now. Kamran had no way of knowing exactly what the boy was thinking, and the lighting and distance made it near impossible to see his expression, but something seemed to have clicked for him. Persistence. Progress. Exactly what Kamran liked to see.

As for you, Nichols, Kamran had noticed. The Gryffindor kept gaining confidence, it seemed, which definitely helped with improving her skills as well. He gave her a thumbs up when she looked his way, but she was off and focusing on the sky - a good idea - quickly enough that he couldn't be sure if she'd caught it.

Jones was hard at work, surprising no one. The boy - or, well, he was a seventh year, so not exactly a boy any longer, but all the same - could always be counted on to work hard at whatever task was put to him, even the daunting ones. Today was no different; Kamran watched with approval as Jones completed a loop and caught a light, as instructed.

For the record, Kamran was still keeping an eye on Nam, Lisa, too, but so far it seemed that whatever was troubling her was not interfering with her focus on his lesson. In fact, for a while, she'd seemed ultra-focused, which had its risks as well as its benefits. But the point was that she was doing well right now, completing the task he'd set with determination. Good enough for him.

Fox was another whose progress was no surprise to Kamran. She generally flew well, and was one of those students he subtly adjusted his standards for; he was satisfied, in that case, that she was going after the more difficult lights (and sticking with them, and successfully following them). He went back to watching the others for a few moments, but Kamran's eye was soon drawn back to Fox as she went in to land. He squinted through the half-light, to see that she was still on her feet - maybe his advice about not eating before class had become even more clear now - before checking his watch.


Ah, good timing. The lesson was just minutes from its scheduled end point, which meant...

From where he hovered at the perimeter, just where there was space to fly back under, Kamran gave another blast on his whistle to get the students' attention once again. "Time's up, everyone. Come back in to land." He led the way back down to the ground, near to where Fox was already... well, he would just give her a moment to collect herself.

"I've seen some excellent flying today. You're all making progress, and this will continue to be the case as long as you keep putting in this same level of effort. I'm very pleased with what I've seen today." He paused to consult his scrap of parchment again, angling it just so, and using the lights above to see the numbers on it. He hadn't wanted to bring the lights all the way up just yet; it was such a nice visual effect, seemed a shame to put an end to it right away. "Congratulations go to the pink team, who just clinched a win in this last activity."

And that, as they said, was that. "You can all keep the jars, if you'd like. Whatever lights you caught will fade out by tomorrow, but the jars themselves will glow for some time." Nobody could say he never did anything for them. But... Kamran was going to avoid thinking about gifts for too long, because it just called to mind that fast approaching date, bringing with it the big five-oh. "Now, back to the castle, go get some dinner. Class dismissed." He'd be right behind them.

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