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The little wrinkle to her nose, personally he found it absolutely adorable. A smile spread across his face as he noticed it, but also in anticipation of her reaction to his small surprise. He liked to do small things for her, and this was one of those. "You're welcome," he replied to her thanks, watching as she took a sip and then smiled at him with question in her voice. A small laugh escaped. "I figured out how to package your blend into tea bags. I hope it's already I snagged some of it." Granted it was still for her use, but he'd still felt kind of bad swiping some to do so. "I have some more for you too. It should last you the rest of the trip." And if she liked it, he could do more so she had travel pouches with her for whenever.

The only people he'd miss now that they were no longer in school, was Raphael and Eliza. And he'd find time to mirror with both of them. Raph was family and he knew how important he was to Jermaine. And Eliza and he had always remained friends despite how often they'd been separated. This was not really any different for their friendship.

"Thankfully, you're really good at reminding me." And who didn't like being told that they were loved? Particularly by one of the most beautiful women they'd ever seen? "That sounds like a great plan to me. Let's go." Now that they had their drinks and everything as well. He took another sip of his coffee, before starting towards the front door and holding it open so she could pass through first. "Is it far from where we currently are? We can take the car or try to walk or... go around the building." Where they could then double check visibility and apparate.

"Things that thankfully do not matter anymore." He gave her another smiling, chuckling as she agreed with his assessment of himself. "It's better than high maintenance, yeah?" Which thankfully - neither of them actually were. Their friendship and then following relationship had thankfully always been easy because of it. "Good, I'm glad."

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