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"Dad's good at taking care of stuff," Kins replied, turning to beam at Pheebs. Hi, sister. As for the very unfortunate death of her former fish, Kiz gave Professor P a solemn sort of look. "Oh, no. It was really quick, I think she even smiled before she ... You know." But her fish, Sweetpea, got a proper burial and not a flush down the toilet like Serena's fish. They practiced respect in the James home.

But as class began, Kiz tried her best to settle down, only turning to whisper to her sister before she moved to join the group. "Do you think she'll let us keep one?" That would be nice. Kins would be sure not to ask because in some cases, it was better to ask for forgiveness after the fact. This was a lesson she had to learn the hard way.

And when the question was posed, Kins took a moment to think it over. Why did she think the plants and creatures are grouped together? Easy. "Because they all need water." Yes, excellent. She would be waiting to receive her O now! But also... Come to think of it, Evan made a really good point. It made Kinsay THINK. Big, huge, gigantic thoughts that were so EARTH SHATTERING that everything she knew was very much flipped over on its head now. G A S P.

"Professor P?" She raised her hand again, but this time with the most urgency EVER. "If giant squids can only be found in saltwater..." Which is something she KNEW because she read BOOKS and made ariana research to confirm. "And if the great lake is freshwater..." Which she also KNEW because one time she forgot to hold her breath during a swim and because she also made ariana research to confirm this as well. "How is Sir Henry alive???????" .... THE. HORROR.


What if Sir Bartholomew Henry, Giant Squid of Hogwarts, who allegedly lived in the FRESHWATER lake, was DEAD this WHOLE TIME?????????? And no one thought to tell her????? Wait a minute!!!!!! Is this why he never came up to play when she went to find him??? Is this why she could never find Mr. Bartholomew Henry???? ... If that was even his real name!!! ..... What else was LIE?!?!

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness. She was starting to feel woozy.
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