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Quiet was not something he minded being associated with, and he did especially strive to do so around the creatures so that they would allow him to observe them and not be threatened by his presence. One of the few qualities about himself he liked.

He eyed all the aquariums, spotting the clownfish and anemones and various other plants and wildlife. He assumed the groupings were by ecosystems, because just as Claudine had mentioned the creatures would need the plants in order to survive, but each specific aquarium would also need to house the things that could thrive in those particular conditions. Some plants and creatures needed warm water, some needed cold. Some needed salt water, some needed fresh. It was important to get those conditions right. He raised his hand, "They appear to be grouped by preferred conditions. There are some plants and creatures who both prefer salt water and some who prefer the fresh. It's important to note because that gives understanding on A) how to properly care for those in care, and B) give insight on where they could be found in their natural habitats. Consider where both plant and creature life can thrive and help each other."

As with the oxygen.

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