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Originally Posted by Watson View Post
The school was too quiet this afternoon which made Simon’s consulting detective spider senses go into full ring as he walked along the fourth floor corridor. Surely the students weren’t all studying and working on homework? The former Slytherin would have been shocked at such an idealistic vision becoming a reality. Students at Hogwarts were always meddling in something.

Then again maybe more students had volunteered at the Greenhouses with Professor Flamsteed again? Perhaps they had.

Now he had meant to catch Miss Blaze right after his class based on her reaction but he had failed thrice now to find her because other students had stopped him before he could call her over. And asking her to stay behind could be awkward because surely others would think she was in trouble?

So he was hoping he’d find her in the Study Hall room. Slim chance, yeah? Opening the door, he scanned the room.

Over the years, Claudine had learnt that she should process her emotions. This was one of those times when she needed alone time to do just that. The History of Magic lesson that had only just completed dragged some unpleasant thoughts and memories up. Memories from two terms back. She felt guilty about hurrying off on her own but Heath would understand. He always understood that her alone time was important to her.

That was why at that moment the seventh year had found herself a table far away from anyone else. She was sitting, her bag opened since she had retrieved an item from it: a book. Claudine quickly looked around to make sure no one was close by before flipping that open. Between two pages was a photo of her family. That’s right. The very same family she’d abandoned after they fought for Rosier and possibly even killed a few on the opposite side.


That didn’t sometimes stop her from missing a few of the members nor remembering the good times.
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