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She hadnít noticed at first that Professor Kamzi had called the group back together because she had been so focused on just flying and ignoringÖ however, she soon picked up that it was time to gather around for the next part of the lesson. She paused, listening to the instructions that he provided.

Lisa didnít mind either colour that Kamzi was offering. Pink and orange were HER FAVOURITES! So she was fine with whichever colour she drew. She collected a PINK! jar first.

It was starting to get dark. She noticed that her surroundings were darker which would make flying a little challenging but at least the lights were easy-ish to see. She followed Heathís lead and attached her jar to her broomstick before getting back on and floating into the air.

The whistle blasted and the game was afoot!

She soared through the air, chasing a green light in front of her. This time, she planned to go slower than before. The name of this game was to get as many as possible and to be as technically correct in her loops.

Lisa focused on the closest orb. As she approached it, it kept moving forward until it started curving upwards. She pulled her broom stick slightly up and it led her up on the steep, beginning curve of the loop, and then reached her left hand out to grab it. Ugh. Not close enough. She added more speed, following the orb around, and after the curve down, she had grabbed it.


One orb down.
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