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Heath followed the trail of green light and was about to start another loop-the-loop when Professor Kazmi’s whistle rang out again. Reversing course, he doubled back to gather with the rest of the group. He watched intently as the professor summoned a box, eyeing the glowing jars inside with curiosity. Hmm… he wondered how those would fit in. Fortunately, he didn’t have to wait long to find out. He listened closely, repeating the game rules in his mind. So… pink team and orange team, attach the colored jar to the broom, follow a green or purple orb, complete a loop-the-loop, and try to catch the orb. Was he getting any of this right?

Before he had much time to think of it, he was given a glowing pink jar. He had just enough time to attach it to the front of his broom before the professor sent the lights up. He glanced up, his dark eyes darting randomly from one orb to another and so on. That was rather pretty to look at, like looking at a sky full of rainbow-colored stars! He was so distracted by the sight that it took him a second to register the sound of the whistle blasting.

As the game started, Heath took off again, speeding after the nearest green orb. He’d start small, then work his way up to the purple ones, time permitting. Focusing his sights on that one orb, he followed it higher and higher, pulling up on his broom handle as he went. He kept accelerating as he reached the top of the loop, only slowing once he was right way up again. Finally the orb slowed long enough for him to inch closer to it. He reached out and… caught it! Placing the green orb in his jar, he glanced around the area, and spotting another green orb to his left, he sped in that direction.
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