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"You have said nothing wrong Violet, you were asking a question and we certainly encourage questioning things. It is how we find out how processes work, information is found, and how we learn new things. I know the board fully support students learning and growing as young adults, don't you?" She gave the board member a nice smile, maybe too nice, but still nice and turned towards the rest.

Happy to hear she had no doubt the charms professor knew charms to help out and as for the allergies Meda just rolled her eyes a bit, because even muggles had allergies and took things for it. Nothing a potion couldn't help. "I'm going to go dig over here if anyone would like to join me." She gave the students all a look to encourage them to keep up their greatness before going to start digging a hole.

The outdoors were always a special place and Meda was going to enjoy helping with this project. "I certainly have tried to job, but my walks will be levely around here." She added after hearing the headmaster.
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