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Default CoMC Lesson 1 - Murtlaps

As you arrive to the regular paddock where Care of Magical Creatures is frequently held, you'll find the area holds several large, individual aquariums arranged in a horseshoe, each filled with water and marine plants and animals (both magical and mundane) such as hermit crabs, clown fish, sea anemones, and more. It would be wise to keep your hands out of these aquariums until instructed otherwise--you might get bitten or stung.

An empty stool is placed at the front of the horseshoe. Professor Paszek herself is busy walking along the aquariums, checking the temperature of the water in each one. With the gloomy weather this afternoon, she wants to be sure the inhabitants are warm enough.

ooc: Welcome! While this is the first OOC class of the term, it is not the first class IC, so your student should be acquainted with Professor Paszek by now. As always, SS rules apply, and please acquaint yourself with the CoMC rules if you haven't already! Class will officially begin in about 24 hours. Class has begun!

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