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Walking into the classroom, Tadhg stopped for a second and looked around a bit confused, where they in Charms class or a tattoo parlor? None the less, his attention were turned to the pictures observing them from afar, from the colors to the detail of them he was fascinated by them. His father had a couple of tattoos of his own, one of a dragon and one of a Dragon and a Phoenix like his mother had. Seeing Lia he walked up to her and smiled. "Pretty fascinating huh? Think it's interesting how sone has a story behind them."

Setting his bag down beside Lia's he walked closer to the pictures and looked at them. Now that he was closer quite a few of them he wouldn't mind getting once he was older like the Phoenix one. Although to charm it to move and fly that would be wicked! Looking for Professor Peralta he didn't see her but knew she was somewhere.

Listen to the question and taking notes he raised his hand waiting to be called on. "I don't know if this is true but I heard the Egyptians had tattoos that dated back to ancient Egypt ." He didn't know if that was true, but if it was that was ages and ages ago. He wondered how people did tattoos back in the day or in ancient times, he was curious now.
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