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Lisa offered a small smile to Matilda as she introduced herself. “Nice to meet you. I’m Lisa! Are you excited for Hogwarts?” she asked the girl, wondering what she thought of Hogwarts. Lisa had been in love with magic and Hogwarts since day one. She had wanted to know everything and anything. Knowledge was her superpower. That and random superhero facts.

It’s rude to stare y’know… Do I have something on my fave or hair?” she pointed out to the fire ferret boy. She nodded when he asked if she were a Ravenclaw. “I am. And you’re Pabu….. Do you know of Avatar? I think there’s a character called Pabu who’s fiery… are you a Gryffindor?” she asked. Ir would have been cool if the fire ferret boy HAD been named after the fire ferret from the coolest show ever (that Noah and Kimmie had introduced her too).

And NOW PEOPLE WERE LOOKING AT HER. She covered her mouth with her hand before quickly going to grab a name tag and writing down a random name on her name tag. She wrote “Lisa can’t come to the phone right now cause she’s dead. Asami here.” Lisa chose her favourite character from the whole series who made her feel reassured, confident, intelligent, and beautiful. Kind too. She slapped the name tag gently on herself before glancing around to see where to go and where to hide.

That was until Haven started asking her questions. She faltered before quickly adding to cover. “I’m fine. Just upset that they didn’t tell me.” Not the fact that she secretly was not so secretly having feelings for one of them. Pre teen years were awful.

And she was GRATEFUL this time Pabu spoke and gave an example of the game. “I like lemon cookies!” she said loud enough and on purpose so she could get away from people. She also…. Liked lemon cookies.

This is an event, and events are serious business. You're going to the Ball to impress
and amaze with decorum, elegance, and grace.
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