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Arithmancy was one of Kizzy's favorites so she usually tried her very best not to get distracted, but ... It was hard to pay attention in class when there was so much happening in her head. Why did life have to be so complicated all the time? She was trying SO hard to be uninvolved this year and there was STILL drama! At this rate, the best way to avoid it would be to live in the Great Lake with Sir Henry.

So that's what Kins was thinking about right now. Not Arithmancy.

Um, no offense, Professor. It wasn't anything personal. She usually loved this class.

So when question time was over (and only after Kins had spent it being uncharacteristically quiet), she took out some parchment to get started on the maths. She liked maths. Maybe that'd help her focus.

2066? Wow, Professor Robinson was ancient!
27 November 2090
27 11 2090
She was still only half-paying attention, her mind was absolutely elsewhere - so she absently flipped through her textbook as she looked for the pages about life path numbers. Maybe she had already passed them.
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