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Its so cool, Professor!” she began, taking a deep breath before she felt like jumping in to share everything she knew on the subject. OH. She forgot her name. “Lisa Nam, sir… sorry I get excited about math….” Her cheeks flushed BRIGHT red.

Lisa paused at his question as the Professor offered a theory that Hogwarts was like the number seven. She opened her textbook and flipped to the source material that he had recommended. Hmmm…

Seven represented analysis, research, solitude, wisdom, spiritual focus, investigative, mysticism, magic…..

Professor… I don’t think seven fits just right. I think a combination of numbers is more suited. Why can’t Hogwarts be represented by all three numbers of 1, 2, 4? Sure 7 is a facet of what Hogwarts is but Hogwarts represents a beginning for all of us and relationships and harmony… and structure.

And then they were moving on again.

Right her birthday.

January 13th 2093…
So that’d be 13 + 1 + 2 + 0 + 9 + 3
= 28?
= 10
= 1?

She blinked. Uhhhh…
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