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Entering the Charms classroom, Evan's footsteps halted as he glanced around the room - noting all of the photos pinned up and immediately intrigued. Were they going to learn a charm today that could put tattoos temporarily on their body? It probably wasn't something people assumed was 'his' image, but he really liked the look of body art. But then again, with the earring (sometimes the two) he usually sported - maybe that was exactly what people assumed was his image. He'd never really considered it much before.

Entering the classroom, he deposited his bag on the bench near Claudine's, before also following the written instructions and taking a turn around the room. His eyes were immediately drawn to the one with the open book - the watercolors flowing out of it and he paused to admire it. It was probably the most Ravenclaw thing that that was the picture he was most drawn to. He could easily see himself getting something similar once he was of age, though perhaps he would change the colors. Maybe green and blue? Or purple to blue? He wasn't that keen on the color pink.

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