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Default Charms Lesson 1 - The Tattoo Charm

As you enter the Charms Classroom you'll find that the space is set up much like an art gallery. Various photos have been hung around the room, safe inside ornate frames. Cushioned benches made for comfortable seating are situated throughout the space as well. The only reminder that this is, in fact, Professor Peralta's room is her desk and the board directly behind it. You'll find directions waiting for you there, though the Charms instructor is no where in sight.


Please use this time before class officially starts to take a gallery walk. Study the photos, discuss the images found in them, and consider what the meaning behind them might be. You're welcome to talk with your classmates, though please do stay on task. Once you've set your things down on a bench, you may begin.

Well, what are you waiting for? There's no time like the present and Professor Peralta will be arriving soon. Best to get started.

OOC: Welcome to Charms, friends! We're jumping right in and though Neva is not yet in the classroom, your charries have their orders up on the board! As always, all SS and Classroom rules apply! Class has ENDED

Class Progression