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SPOILER!!: Kale <3
Originally Posted by pundantic View Post
Kale loved the Weasley swamp cuz it was a great place to dump stuff. Like rocks. And homework that got poor marks. It was pretty much an all around fab-o dumping ground for all things that students wanted to see sink.

Besides, Kale was pretty sure one of these days he was finally gonna be able to get a rock to skip across the bubbling swamp water. So, he brought up his usual bag of rocks he collected off the grounds and set up camp to attempt some skipping.

As he dropped his bag, he spotted Ash. They were mirror buddies. So Kale had a particular fondness for the fourth year. In the way that people who endured the same amount of harrowing trauma often chilled with their peers. "Hiya," he beamed.

And then started to try his hand at rock skipping.

Ash did not really like to be disturbed when she was here, so this better be... oooooh. It was Kale!!! She liked Kale. They both had rage in their hearts. They both got trapped in a mirror. So... yeah. Kale was chill. She liked to pretend he was her older brother. He was cool too. So much cooler than her. She grinned at him as he started throwing rocks into the swamp. "Hiiii Kale!" She stood up, and moved away slightly so that the splashing wouldn't ruin her dress. "Watcha up to?" Whatever it was, she bet it was COOL.
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