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Claudine thought that her answer was excellent as well. Given the number of times they all had to count while stirring their potions each week, it had been one of the first ideas to pop into her head. Not that some of the other students hadn’t provided some pretty great ones too.

Yes, she had read Hogwarts: A History once upon a long time ago. Probably during her first year when everyone was stuck at Beauxbatons and she had found herself longing to come to Hogwarts. Those staircases though… Claudine had actually forgotten the exact number. She marveled at the facts Robinson revealed. Whoever took the time to realise such things?

Using her textbook, the seventh year flipped through the pages to take a good look at the meaning of the various numbers. There were mentions of money, balance, loyalty and a whole heap of other stuff but it all came back to one thing. Her hand went up after some time. “Any less or any more staircases would have totalled a different number. I think seven’s more accurate than other numbers as a representation of Hogwarts, professor.”
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