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Truthfully, Javier really enjoyed gardening. It was keeping the things ALIVE that he always struggled with. That and gnomes always seemed to get the better of him. Even though he enjoyed planting things and caring for them, it wasn't an ideal use of his time - but he was forcing himself to get down there and help out, even just for a bit. He knew he'd enjoy the greenery once he got down there, and he WAS genuinely curious as to how the grounds looked after his years at school. One thing in life was certain - the Hogwarts grounds would ALWAYS be changing.

"'ello Mia,"
he greeted his colleague with a smile. "Where are we at in the planting process?" he asked, glancing around and trying to assess what else needed to be done. He still wasn't sure he bought the whole 'planting new plants will brighten up your school and your spirits' thing the Board was going for, but he wasn't a bright person to begin with, so perhaps he was just wrong.
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