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Just a few little wasps?

Claudine stared at Euka suspiciously. Was she trying to hurt them using certain insects? Given all that at Hogwarts over the years, anything was possible. Her gaze moved back to the Mosp but it had gone off in another direction. She breathed a sigh of relief as she headed back to her mat. Once seated, the girl looked around for her ladybug friend but it seemed to have gone its own way.

Her thoughts shifted back to the moth she’d seen on a leaf. Closer inspection had told her it had not been eating said leaf. Up went a hand. “I saw a moth resting on a leaf. I mean… he didn’t seem to be eating it, just casually hanging out there. It might mean relaxing days are ahead?’’ The Snakette didn't see how though, since NEWTs were around the corner for her.
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