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Fly it off? Fall it off? Those words were an alliteration and therefore, to Atlas, synonymous in the moment. Yes, he knew linguistically that was not how things worked...but frankly he did not care in the moment and they were his own thoughts so he could skew correctness however he fancied. Something that took a bit of effort as he finally made contact with the net and sprawled out on it in starfish position, wind only slightly knocked out of him and with the tiniest sort of strain to his muscles. All in all, however, he was doing just fine and his blood was certainly pumping AND probably more so than it would have been if he had actually successfully completed the trick.

Needless to say, the Flying Groundskeeper received a double thumbs up with a grin. Definitely doing THAT again.

Though...he wasn't entirely sure how he had gotten here...specifically who he had accidentally clipped. By the time he got his bearings, however, he heard the professor calling out to Claudine who was in a bit of a spin...and then collided with Bella who had not been paying attention. So, uh, at least that part was not his fault.

Rolling himself up to sit, the Gryffindor looked around for where his broom had gone off to and clumsily crawled across the net towards it while glancing up every now and then to try and make sure no one was at risk of falling ON him.

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