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Originally Posted by Chelliephone View Post
It was weird to not have been spending as much time in the library like his previous terms. Or time stuck in books in general, now that he was making more effort to go to the pitch to kick around a ball with friends or spending more time outdoors doodling. But there was still something so calming about the library to him, and so on his particular days where he just... felt things, he'd find himself among all the shelves looking for something, if even to only peruse the pages for a few hours.

Currently he was in the Divination section, just sort of looking through some of the books. A few of his dreams from the previous term was still badgering him, and while he knew what they meant he was hoping to find a way to focus your dreams to prevent scenes he did not want from playing through his mind while sleeping. That would be an entirely useful skill to know how to do. Finding a book that looked of interest, he pulled it out before just lowering himself to the ground right there in the aisle and flipping it open.
After the previous outdoor divination lesson, Ollie was really interested in the class. Last term, she had pushed it to the side a bit, still working on it, just not as interested. But after the bug scavenger hung the class did, she wanted to read more up on the topic. With a bit of free time, she decided to go check out the library. It was a pretty big place, so she didn't spend too much time there. The snakette had always preferred smaller, cozier spots to relax and read, but she was thinking about embracing the ambiance of the library since she'd pretty much be studying.

She had made sure to throw on a sweater before leaving the common room since the last time she was there, it was a bit chilly. Soon, she made her way there. She nodded to some of her peers she saw as she pasted by and made her way to the divination section. She started skimming through the books, trying to find something that resembled last lesson. Nope, don't need to read on dreams. As she turned she nearly tripped over the boy sat on the ground, clearly very involved in his reading. "Evan! What are you doing down there? I nearly feel on you." She chuckled and offered him a hand to get up. He didn't need to take it of course, maybe he preferred the floor.
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