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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Ashley "Ash" C. Fox
Fourth Year

Ash snorted at Claudine’s words. “I don’t need to copy you because I know alll the answers.” And she ‘angrily’ rolled her eyes. Meaning that she tried to roll her eyes and ended up giggling instead.

“Who cares if other professors dress up? I say do what you want. Be a fairy princess who is also an arithmancy professor. Or a dinosaur that knows how to count. Or a math textbook. OR a pirate who’s like “pi arrrr squared, blah blah blah.”” Get it? Pi arrrr squared? Hahahahaha, ooh that was terrible.

“I use math when I’m paying for things. Because when I need to pay 5 knuts for something, I can’t accidentally give someone 27 pounds. You need math for currency conversion, and also just in general when you are dealing with money.” Father was much better at math than parenting. Which was why Ash was much better at math than making good decisions.
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