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Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
The sound of the bell above the doorway ringing to alert newcomers into the shop had gone unheard. This was only due to the mornings chirps, hoots, whistles, yelps and screams of various owls. It was feeding time. And every time a cage was opened, Colwyn was greeted with chatter.

"Sure am!" He called out in response to the voice. Filling one bowl with clean water and than another with fresh owl pellets, he closed the cage door double checking that it was locked securely. Turning on his heel, he headed towards the front of the shop a warm grin on his face. "Pippa, what a nice surprise! What brings you into my shop this morning?"
Not at all put out by the delay, Pippa had been occupying herself with looking at all the many birds on either side of her. So preoccupied, in fact, that she didn't at first hear the shopkeeper when he did speak to her.

"Well, Colwyn, nice to be here!" Pippa said enthusiatically when it finally registered that someone was talking to her. "The fact is, I've decided I need my own owl, and so of course, I thought of coming here." She beamed at her fellow shopkeeper--she felt a certain kinship to him, because he also took care of creatures. "I heard there was a new Care of Magical Creatures this year at Hogwarts and was thinking of writing a letter to them, asking if there was anything in particular they needed for the school that I could arrange to get for them, and it suddenly occurred to me, how am I going to send it? It's much too cold in Scotland in the autumn to send Barnaby." Parrots were tropical creatures, after all.
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