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It was weird to not have been spending as much time in the library like his previous terms. Or time stuck in books in general, now that he was making more effort to go to the pitch to kick around a ball with friends or spending more time outdoors doodling. But there was still something so calming about the library to him, and so on his particular days where he just... felt things, he'd find himself among all the shelves looking for something, if even to only peruse the pages for a few hours.

Currently he was in the Divination section, just sort of looking through some of the books. A few of his dreams from the previous term was still badgering him, and while he knew what they meant he was hoping to find a way to focus your dreams to prevent scenes he did not want from playing through his mind while sleeping. That would be an entirely useful skill to know how to do. Finding a book that looked of interest, he pulled it out before just lowering himself to the ground right there in the aisle and flipping it open.

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